Download Movies from YouTube with Elmedia Player PRO

First of all, we would recommend you integrating Elmedia Player into your web browser to get quick access to “Download online movies” mode.

To download a movie from YouTube, do the following:
  1. Open the webpage with the movie you would like to download on YouTube:
    • If you’re viewing this webpage in a web browser, click “Open in Elmedia Player” button to switch to “Download online movies” mode:

    • Or you can manually enter the URL into address field at URL bar in Elmedia Player and press “Go” button.
  2. Switch filter on Downloads list to “Video“:

  3. Click “Download” next to the video file. Video files on YouTube are usually stored in FLV format.

    If there are several identical links, simply choose any of them.

  4. Once the movie is downloaded, it will be saved to the folder, selected in Elmedia Player Preferences (“Path For Downloads” option). This video will also be listed in Elmedia Player Library.