Optimizing images with PhotoBulk version 2.X

The first version of PhotoBulk didn’t use smart lossy compression techniques. That is why, when optimizing images, it affected not only the size but also their quality.

Note: In the first version of PhotoBulk 5 levels of optimization meant the following:
1(min) – optimization without losses;
2 – 75% quality;
3 – 70% quality;
4 – 65% quality;
5(max) – 60% quality.

In PhotoBulk 2, however, optimization is done without any losses, in other words without affecting the image quality. That is why you will not see any substantial decrease in the size of the output images.

In order to reduce the size of the image:

  • go to Format Settings Option in the sidebar;
  • remove the tick from the checkbox “Keep original quality”;
  • apply acceptable quality of JPEG. For instance, with 50% quality, the output picture will be approximately 25K.