Sync Google calendars imported to iCal via CalDAV with SyncMate

If you import events from Google Calendar to iCal on your Mac via CalDAV, and then try to sync iCal events with the remote side using SyncMate, only the main imported calendar will be synced (the main one is the first calendar you created in Google Calendar). Secondary calendars (Delegates) cannot be synced due to peculiarities of iCal functionality.

In order to sync delegates as well, please, do as follows:

  1. Establish connection with your Google account in SyncMate
  2. Sync calendars from Google account to iCal on Mac

After performing the above, your CalDAV calendars will be synced as regular calendars to iCal and then you can sync them to your device.

We would also recommend you to disable syncing these calendars via CalDAV in iCal, as importing same calendars using two different ways will result in events duplication.