Upgrade Policy

Last updated on: June 30, 2016

Note: Upgrade policy for certain corporate solutions was changed.

This new policy came into effect on July 1, 2012 and superseded previous Upgrade Policy v1.3 (provided below) for all affected licenses purchased after that date.

All affected licenses purchased before July 1, 2012 will be subject to getting minor updates in accordance to the Upgrade Policy v1.3 until the new major version is released. Afterwards, they will become subject to Upgrade Policy v2.1.

Customers with existing Lifetime Upgrades Guarantee plans will receive all the benefits of the Lifetime Upgrades and Support program, with no additional steps required.

[Upgrade Policy v.2.1]

Upgrade Policy v1.3

Eltima Software provides outstanding maintenance of its software products that includes technical support and regular new releases. We crave to constantly improve, fix and enhance our products. Thus, we release new minor and major versions rather often. Eltima Software supplies its software upgrades according to the following policy.

A software upgrade release can be major or minor. A major upgrade will change the version number, whereas the minor will usually follow with a “.01”, “.02”, “.03”, etc. For example, version means that that is the twentieth minor upgrade of version 2. The minor upgrades (or updates) are generally free (if the opposite is not denoted at the product page or in the user manual), but the upgrades to major versions must be purchased with a discount (usually 50%). It means that you will not be charged for a new minor version, but will be asked to pay half the price if you upgrade to the new major version.

Upgrade Cost

All current clients of Eltima Software are eligible for getting the new major version of the purchased product with 50% Upgrade Discount (off the standard price specified on our website).

If you have purchased the license within a ‘grace period‘ (usually one month before the release of the new major version), Eltima Software will gladly provide you with a free upgrade. Let us know your Order ID (Ref Number) and request a new registration key from support@eltima.com.

Warning: in the cases listed below the free upgrade under the ‘grace period’ terms doesn’t apply:

  • You got the license for free (either from Eltima or from any third-party);
  • You purchased the license as part of a bundle from some third-party website;
  • You purchased the license with a discount (not at its full price).

In any case feel free to email us if you want to check if you are eligible for a free upgrade and to get your discount coupon code for upgrading to the newest version.

To see the changes and enhancements for any product we develop, please locate a product features page on our website and click “Changelog” item. You will see the exact dates, build and version numbers and the full list of features added or fixed. You will find the Changelog useful in order to detect whether a trouble you have discovered in an older build was fixed.

By the way, we recommend you subscribe to our Products Update notifications (you can also find the link to the subscription form at the left bottom of any product’s page at www.eltima.com). Following this link you can select the product which is of interest to you and receive emails whenever the new build/version is released. Don’t hesitate to download the latest build from a link dropped in the email notification if you see that it’s a minor release. If it is a new major release, contact our sales or support team with your Order ID (reference Number, Invoice #) for the old license and request upgrade instructions and a discount coupon code.

To get upgrade within one major version simply download the latest build of the product from Download Area and use the registration info you already have. So, if you discovered that the build you have is not the latest one but it is within your major version, please follow the simple steps:

  • download the installer from the product page (our website always hosts the latest builds of the latest version), the Download Area or the link in the Upgrade Notification email you received;
  • install the latest build (ideally you should uninstall the old build first to prevent conflicts);
  • launch the newly installed application and check whether it is registered (refer to ‘About’ option in the software interface or refer to ‘What’s new” section in the User Guide);
  • if the software seems to be in Demo mode, enter your registration info (name and code) to unlock the software;
  • in some cases you will have to re-start the application (or IDE if you own our ActiveX Control) to get the license applied.

Old Versions

We encourage all customers to stay current with the latest versions of our software and therefore a product version hosting and support are discontinued right after the release of the new version that succeeds it.

However, you can continue using your old version for a life-time period as long as you have an installer and a registration code since our licenses have no expiration date. In order to have your license details safe, we recommend to add a Backup CD to your cart when ordering a software from us. If you don’t want to order a Backup CD, you can burn such yourself.

Upgrades based on bugfixes

We guarantee that all the bug reports that are submitted by our registered user will be investigated by our testers according to the support plan that a Client owns and a fix is provided in a timely fashion. If a Client reports the bug that was already fixed in one of the previous versions, the support staff will recommend to upgrade to the latest version to eliminate problem. Note that the bug that was fixed in a newer version than a Client owns cannot be a reason for getting a refund.

Lifetime Upgrades Guarantee

To avoid paying for new major upgrades in future, you can add a Lifetime Upgrades Guarantee to your cart that will cost 30% of the original license price (but not less than USD 9.95), or 50% of the original price for certain Mac products. This is not a subscription but a one-time purchase that will always allow you to have the most up-to-date version of your license.

Warning: Eltima Software has a right to change its Upgrade Policy without sending personal notifications to all the users but Eltima Software guarantees that all the changes in its Upgrade Policy will be posted here and related website locations.