Flash Decompiler Trillix FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Flash Decompiler Trillix

I don’t see the text in the Flash Decompiler preview window, but it is present in the file info. How can I make the text available?

Try to change the background color. Probably the text color is the same with the color of the background.

My native language is not present in Localizations. How can I add my language?

Please, contact us to decide how we can sort out this question. We would be very glad if you agreed to translate Flash Decompiler GUI into your native language. We greatly appreciate your efforts and will surely encourage them with a bonus.

I decompiled the SWF, but the various scenes have been joined to one single scene.

When we compile a FLA file which contains scenes, in the resulting SWF file we get only the Main Timeline. After converting SWF into FLA, we can see only one scene, containing the Main Timeline. Read more about FLA format limitations.

When I enter my Registration information into the Flash Decompiler registration window, it just “shakes” and doesn’t accept the code.

The most often reason for the problem you have described is that users don’t enter the registration info correctly.

Please enter your registration info again and pay special attention to the following important points:

1. Make sure that there are no excessive spaces before/after your registration name/code when entering them into the corresponding fields. Those might have been introduced by the mail client you use.

2. There should be only letters, digits and dashes in your code. We recommend to execute Copy and Paste operations when entering your registration info.

3. It often happens that e-mail client breaks the string into 2 rows or introduces excessive gaps. Please make sure that the registration code you enter is a single sting of letters, digits and dashes.

We also recommend you to copy the code to TextEdit.app rtf: to shrink the text so that the whole code fits on one line making sure that all spaces are eliminated.

If you still fail to register please send to support@eltima.com the following details:

a screenshot of the registration window with your Reg Name and Reg Key entered (but before you click “Ok” button) – so that we can see FULL KEY;

a screenshot of Flash Decompiler Trillix 4.0 for Mac About screen;

the order ID (reference number) for Flash Decompiler Trillix 4.0 for Mac (the one you have received in order confirmation e-mail from the billing operator Element 5 or RegNow right after the order placement).

If you don’t find your question in FAQ section of Flash Decompiler Trillix User Manual, or still have some other questions, please, contact us.