Virtual Serial Port Driver – Serial Ports Explorer

Serial Ports Explorer helps visualizing all serial ports: actual (physical) serial ports present in your system and virtual serial ports created by VSPD and other Eltima products.

Each virtual serial ports pair is represented by the corresponding entry in Serial Ports Explorer window, where you can get detailed information about data sent/received, port status etc.

  1. Physical ports – all physical (real) serial ports in a system.
  2. Virtual ports – virtual serial ports created by VSPD.

    Port closed/Destination path – shows whether virtual port is closed or opened by any application. After you open virtual port with an application (Windows HyperTerminal, for instance), Serial Ports Explorer shows the destination folder and application name which occupies this port.

    Sent/Received – shows how many bytes were sent to/received from a virtual serial port.

    Baudrate emulation – shows whether strict baudrate is enabled/disabled.

    Pinout – displays which pinout preset is used.

  3. Other virtual ports – displays virtual serial ports created by other Eltima applications.