Convert SWF to FLA

This section of user manual provides you with a simple and illustrative step-by-step guide how to get familiar with Flash Decompiler Trillix working as Converter as quickly as possible. This guide assumes that you have already installed Flash Decompiler Trillix and it is opened.

  1. Select SWF file
  2. Once you have launched Flash Decompiler Trillix you must specify the SWF file you would like to convert. You can do it either by clicking  button next to "SWF file name" or by selecting "File" -> "Open" from Main Menu.

    This will invoke "Open file" dialog where you can navigate to your file:

  3. Define resulting FLA file name
  4. Next, you may specify FLA file name by clicking  button that corresponds to "FLA file name" field.

    The resulting FLA file name, by default, would be the same to original SWF file name with "_conv" suffix added. This is ensuring that you won’t overwrite original SWF file accidentally once you open FLA file in Adobe Flash Studio and click "Save" button.

  5. Customize conversion settings as described in Conversion settings section of this manual.
  6. Please, note that you must switch to Advanced mode to access these settings. You may consult Switching simple and advanced modes section to see how to do this.

  7. Press "Covert to FLA" button to start conversion process
  8. Note: demo version of Flash Decompiler Trillix removes all color information from the resulting FLA file, making it a grayscale movie, it will add nag watermark and ActionScripts will be obfuscated in the resulting FLA.

  9. You may observe conversion log entries in "Conversion log" window (in Advanced mode only) to determine if any problems occurred during SWF to FLA conversion.

For your convenience these log messages can be saved in a log file which can be sent to our support team as a proof of your problem. To save conversion log you need to open "File", select "Save conversion/extraction log" right after the conversion is finished before you click "Done" button. 

Please, make sure you have read conversion limitations if you have problems while converting it to FLA.