Advanced Mode

“Advanced mode” button is accessible from the Main window and allows you to customize advanced settings, like connection port settings, network protocol, which is used in connection, proxy settings, manage signal lines, enable traffic encryption and even password authorization just on-the-fly. After clicking “Advanced mode” button, two new tabs will appear in the main window: “Connection prefs”, “Signal lines” and “Proxy & Security” tabs. 

Simply click these tabs to start customizing all the newly available settings. If the connection is already established, just right-click one of the created connections in “Connections Tree”, choose “Edit connection” and then click “Connection prefs”, “Signal lines” or “Proxy and Security” tabs.

Now, you may consult these sections to customize different connection settings in advanced mode: 

Besides, you can refer to Signal lines section, if you are going to manage signal lines states.


Please, refer to Proxy and security settings section if you are going to set up proxy or configure security settings.