Mirror connection

This option allows you to create inverted configuration parameters on the remote host automatically without the need for your physical presence there. For instance, you are trying to establish connection between local (Host A) COM1 port and remote (Host B) COM4. Remote host, in turn, must set its COM4 port to be connected to COM1 port on Host A. By using “Mirror connection” you are able to create such configuration in one click automatically.

To set up mirror connection at the remote host, please, do the following: 

1. At host A choose your connection in Connections tree and click “Create mirror” on the main toolbar. This will activate “Mirror connection” tab. 


2. Input remote server IP address (host name), select remote serial port and tick “Create as virtual serial port” option if you would like to use virtual serial ports instead of real ones.

3. After this just click “Send request” button to request mirror connection at the remote host. If the mirror connection is accepted, Activity log will display corresponding message.

When the remote host decides to create mirror connection with your system, you are notified by the corresponding message in “Activity log“:

Now if “Automatic creation” is selected as the default reaction on all mirror requests, mirror connection is created automatically.

“Decline all requests” cancels all the requested mirror connections from the remote hosts automatically.

When “Manual decision” is selected, you receive a message in “Activity log” and configuration with the request of mirror connection from the remote host appears in table. You can accept or decline request or edit it before creation. 

Successful creation of mirror connection will be shown in “Connections Tree” and “Activity log