Advanced Serial Port Terminal Preferences

Short description

In “Preferences” dialog window (File –> Preferences from main menu) you can customize additional application settings.

“Preferences” dialog window is split into four tabs: “General”, “Appearance”, “Emulation” and “Aliases”.

  • General” tab allows choosing whether to enter the special characters such as “Line feed” (#0A),”Carriage return” (#0D) and other hexadecimal codes together with usual symbols. In addition, you can specify characters that will be added before or after the communication packet (for instance: control character).


  • In “Appearance” tab you can modify the following options:

Open port at once” option specifies whether serial port should be automatically opened at the session start.

Echo on” option allows you to enable “Echo” command at the session start.

Commands in history” option permits to set the maximum number of commands displayed in the drop-down list of Send dialog.

Besides, you can specify different colors for incoming and outgoing data displayed in Edit and Data views, as well as background color for these views.


  • Emulation” tab offers additional parameters for VT 100 virtual terminal emulation (the legacy video terminal mode from Digital Equipment Corporation which is used for connecting to mainframes).

132 symbols in string” checkbox enables “132 symbols in a string” screen mode. If disabled, “80 symbols in a string” mode will be used.

Keypad application mode” checkbox enables auxiliary keypad mode. The keys on the auxiliary keypad normally transmit the codes for the numerals, decimal point, minus sign, and comma. In addition, the key labeled ENTER transmits the same code as the RETURN key. The host cannot tell if these keys were typed on the auxiliary keypad as opposed to the corresponding keys on the main keyboard. Therefore, software, which requires considerable numeric data entry, need not to be rewritten to use the keypad.

Beep on 0x07 char” checkbox lets you disable/enable PC speaker beeping effects when 0x07 characters are received.

Line Wrap” enables wraparound feature. When this option is enabled, the 81rst or 133rd character (depending upon the line size selected) inserted on a line is automatically placed in the first character position of the next line. If wraparound feature is disabled, the 81rst or 133rd character and all the following characters will be overwritten into the last character position of the current line.

Line Feed” option allows you to send “Line Feed” and “Carriage Return” control codes whenever “Return” key is pressed.

Scroll buffer size” option supplies additional scrollable buffer to the standard 25 lines.

Appearance” group of options allows you to modify the font family and background color.


  • In “Aliases” tab you can add and remove command aliases for the selected serial port connection. Aliases are useful to simplify daunting process of typing long commands that occur quite often. Whenever you add a new alias for your command, you will only need to supply the text or the number. Double hash (“##”) sign will be added automatically. Alias (for example, “##1”) should be typed in “Send” panel and “String” mode only!