Seed Torrent Files

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After torrent is downloaded, it is highly recommended to seed it. A person, who only downloads, but fails to share back, is called a leecher. Many trackers ban leechers.

When seeding, you distribute the torrent file, thus making it possible for other people to download it. In fact, you are already seeding while downloading, but it’s more helpful to continue distributing the full torrent file after you have finished downloading it.

It’s very simple to seed:

  1. Torrent file’s seeding starts automatically once the task is downloaded. Just leave Folx open after the download is completed. This permits Folx to stay connected to the swarm, distributing files to other peers.
  2. Do not delete the task from Downloads list and do not delete the torrent file from your Mac. Also, do not change torrent file location (use “Relocate” option instead, which doesn’t prevent torrents from being seeded).
  3. Usually, one seeds until the ratio reaches at least “1.00” value, which means you have given back as much as you have got. Ratio over “1.00” value is more preferable, as it means you have uploaded more than downloaded. Get acquainted with torrent tracker’s rules before downloading/uploading files.
  4. To stop seeding, right-click the task in Downloads list and choose “Stop Seeding” option:

    • Global Settings” option is checked, the seeding ratio, which is specified in “Torrent” tab of Folx Preferences, will be applied to this current task. By default, this option is disabled.
    • If “Seed Forever” option is checked, the current task will be seeded continuously, until you delete this task or stop it manually. Right-click it and choose “Stop Selected” from the context menu:

      Seed Forever” option is enabled by default.

    • You can set custom seeding ratio for a task (from 0.25 to 3.00). Once this value is reached, seeding will be automatically stopped.
Note: Seeding is also required when you upload torrent files (share your own files with other people). If you only upload torrent files to a tracker and never seed them, people won’t be actually able to download torrent files from you. Make sure you’ve read this section to know how to start seeding once you’ve created a new torrent file.

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